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Work in Process – Love a Cat

This image may bring back memories for some of you. In the 1970’s pictures of cats in all kinds of fanciful settings…playing the banjo, hula dancing, etc … were wildly popular. The cats were created by illustrator, B. Kliban and as a teenager, I bought a packet of posters to hang in my bedroom.

Being a artsy-crafty kind of kid, I created a needlepoint pattern from my favorite poster (Love a Cat) with the intention to make a throw pillow. At some point I set the project aside with the intention to complete it “soon” and 30+ years later found it in one of boxes of stuff sitting in our attic.

The project was about 70% complete but what remained was completing the white background. Fortunately, I’ve decided to set aside time on the weekends to work on something purely fun and creative. So I make myself some coffee, listen to music and work on completing my kitty canvas.

Kliban’s whimsical cats are still beloved and you can find images and more at

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