We, Ours Them, They

You may have noticed that pronouns, how we refer to ourselves and to others, have become more fluid. 

It used to be male or female, his or hers, he or she.

People I know have asked me to refer to them not as “she” or “he” but as “them,” because they identify as both male and female.

On a personal level, I’ve always identified as a female and I’ve used female pronouns. 

But when I talk about my business and ventures, I’ve always felt a little conflicted about using “I versus we.” To be clear I’m not referring to gender. Gender is the most visible area where people are questioning their use of pronouns.

I’m referring to the “who” is behind my business.

There’s the ego thing about how small and unimportant “I” sounds. Like I’m the only one on the planet who thinks I even have a business. It brings up insecurity “who am I to …?” I know this is something a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with.

I’ve been thinking a lot about beginning to use the pronouns we, us, and ours when I talk about my business though it’s still pretty much just me behind the scenes.

I’m considering this change because I’ve become more and more aware that it isn’t just me. My husband has always supported my ventures and he’s a major participant when I’m making strategic decisions. 

And I have a small cohort of supporters. If you’re reading this you may be one of my supporters. I really appreciate everyone who likes what I’m doing. 

Finally there is a community that I’ve only recently been tapping into: my ancestors…family no longer living but still very much behind me as well as the not-human beings such as the land, the flora and fauna that surround me, and elements like the earth, sun, air, and water.

I didn’t always consider this last group legitimate. Still, the majority of people living on earth right believe that there are supportive (and unsupportive) spirits, beings, and elements that affect their day to day lives.

In truth, each of us is connected to and surrounded by a complex web that sustains us. Without the sun, the rain, the plants; so many other living things and the elements, we wouldn’t survive. And I believe every person has wise, loving ancestors who can be a source of support. Whether you believe those ancestors can actively communicate with you or you simply hold them as Ones to look up to.

Over the last few years, I’ve been actively engaging with and healing my ancestral lineages. I’ve been getting to know these wise ancestral guides and they are my most trusted advisors. In fact, I wish I would do a better job of remembering how my ancestors are invested in my destiny on earth. They want me to use my gifts, get out of my bullshit, and to be in service.

And that brings me to using we, us, our, and our’s when I’m talking about my projects and ventures. Because it’s not just me at all. Because what I do I do to honor the ones who came before me; the ones from whom I’ve received so many gifts and blessings. When my time here on Earth is done, it is to them I will be sharing what I gave and I what I took away.

While I’m okay with people referring to me as “you, her, and she” there’s another truth that it is we, us, our, and our’s. There are vested interests behind what I do.

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