Inspiration Stash

Creating a Stash for Inspiration

The word “Inspiration,” comes from the Latin inspirare, “to breathe into” or “to draw air into the lungs.” Beginning in the 14th century, the English usage of inspire referred to the taking in of Divine influence, that is to be “divinely inspired.”

We see inspiration as something which comes from a force greater than ourselves. When I’m engaged in a creative project whether it’s writing, drawing, or problem solving, I have a strong sense that I am receiving something that larger and grander than just myself. 

It feels good to feel inspired. A definition of inspiration which appeals especially to me is “the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.” I often experience inspiration as a powerful energizer to take action. Inspiration is a force which pulls me forward and when I am pulled I don’t need to use will-power or motivation to move. The energy of inspiration is acting on me.

I am aware, however, that inspiration can be fleeting. It’s the reason, I, like many creative people can go gangbusters at the start of a project and then lose interest. Anyone making a living from creative work knows, that in addition to delicious early inspiration, we need to employ practical project management skills to make progress and complete our creations.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t dip into the things we love and are inspired by as a way to make the work more joyful.

I started Inspiration Stash because I thought it would be nice to have a repository of things which I could dip into when I wanted a taste of what inspires me. I see Inspiration Stash quite literally as cache of what delights me and is available to tap into when I need a “hit” of inspiration. And, yes, the drug references are intentional although I like to think inspiration is one drug that is good for me.

If you are like me and inspiration is something that makes your life brighter, more fun, and more worth living, I invite you to partake in the inspiration here and to add your own.

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